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Operations & Maintenance
Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

Dykes prevent the spread of water outside the normal capacity of the channel.

Dykes are constructed of material that compacts into a solid structure while maintaining a degree of impermeability. There is usually a durable running surface 3.66 m to 4 m wide, enabling access of heavy equipment in the event of an emergency. Dyke side slopes are designed to be smooth at a 2:1 or greater slope. Trimmed grass is encouraged, as it aids in the reduction of surface erosion.

The Pemberton Valley Dyking Network is composed of approximately 40 km of dykes. The individual dykes that make up this network are:

  1. Smuks Dyke
  2. Forestry Dyke
  3. Ryan Dyke
  4. Strobl Dyke
  5. Hungerford Dyke
  6. Miller/Lillooet Dyke
  7. Ayers Dyke
  8. Adventure Ranch Dyke
  9. Pemberton Creek Dyke